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smithy7365 03-27-2019 09:59 PM

Start Date for World 12
Hi there, I would like to know, when the possible start date for the new server will be

I have heard that it could be, April 6th, This would make it , at least a two week hiatus from the when the old server ended and the new one begins. I have never seen a hiatus of that long between servers. Can someone at least give me an idea.

ttroutt 03-28-2019 01:55 AM

Good Question Smithy!
I would like to know as well.

JackKetch 03-28-2019 08:44 AM

world 12 delay...
I think this explains what you are asking. Although perhaps not what you wanted to hear!

ttroutt 03-29-2019 02:28 AM

Thanks Jack!
The delay gives:D me more time to consider mathematical solutions for defeating you!

charles116 03-30-2019 10:39 PM

These delays forwards my invite to "call of war" my user name is the same there...Charles116...

ttroutt 03-31-2019 03:19 AM

Thanks Charles
Been playing CofW since the first time I saw you mention it. Level 44 with 3 solo and 2 coalition victories. How you doin?

ttroutt 03-31-2019 03:28 AM

Just looked you up in Call of War. Must have been someone else in DAW that gave me the advice!

charles116 03-31-2019 06:14 AM

I just started Call of war...in noob world...I am new so can't tell you where I am..and how I am doing...other then I accidentally pissed some off with a mistake attack..i guess if you take a territory, they natives can pick who they want to go with. I thought they attacked me..so I retaliated...now up against an alliance way bigger then me. lucky this a noob world...I am spain..if anyone wants to come to my rescuse against england, germany and italy....lololololol

charles116 03-31-2019 06:15 AM

I am using charles116 name...

ttroutt 04-01-2019 02:02 AM

Sorry Charles
Not sure I can join your world unless it is still open. Even if I do...I will start out with way too few troops to be much help against powerful opponents. Best option may be to quit and join a new world that is just starting. It is a great game. I am currently playing four worlds until DAW is up again!
Same name there as well.


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