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JRRayder 03-20-2018 06:06 PM

Style of Play Preferred by Most Players
Greetings Fellow Lords and Ladies of DAWland

So this is the first musing in my future, ongoing series of topics.

We have done a LOT of research and surveying about what brings people to DAWland, what keeps them here and what "encourages" them to leave. Let me deal with each part of this individually...

What brings people are usually two main "streams"... players that give us a try but may not stay for long come to DAW via various ad and promo campaigns. "Usually" these individuals are gone after two sessions - very few translate into long-term players. The other stream is a direct search - usually with some combo of the terms "wargame, Medieval and building". Occasionally we get people from a "like" search for another game that they are perhaps fed-up with :)

What keeps players here? Again, survey says the main reasons are relationships with the other players, the chance to have a longer-term build track, the chance to fight other players and a sense of community (even apart from the relationships that are built in-game).

What encourages players to leave? In the short-term, the build length can be a source of frustration. The sense of a "slow" start factors into that too. Others are frustrated by the need to put a lot of time into the game to be competitive (or to put in RL coin to be competitive). Especially these players who are trying to play competitively but may not have much in the way of combat skills tend to get frustrated and leave after getting attacked.

So this leads to various styles of play... people tend to fall into several categories...

1. Casual Builders (disparagingly called "farmers") who are on regularly but not playing competitively. [5 out of 10 players]
2. Serious Builders (also called "farmers" and by some as "city cows") who play all the time - maybe spending gold to build up a kingdom and build their city count. [2 out of 10 players]
3. Alliance Players (also called "fighters") who play all the time also spending gold to build up a kingdom. Generally active in alliances and willing to fight but usually only fighting if attacked. They may also have some level of combat skill but no guarantees on that :) [2 out of 10 players]
4. Warriors (also called "fighters" and by some "bullies") who also play all the time. They generally look to build-up their kingdom by taking from other players. Again, no guarantee of actual combat ability but they are fighting all the time and generally learn what works and what doesn't. [1 out of 10 players]

One of the major issues in the game is the interaction between players in the Builder categories and Warriors. There is a general "bleeding" of long-term players as they lose cities to Warriors but have no effective way to learn how to fight. Many alliances don't take any steps to train their members how to fight and many players become frustrated by being under attack and quit before they actually can learn how to fight.

There is not really a way with in-game programming to mitigate this issue in an effective way without seriously interfering with game play so it requires some commonsense on all parts. Sadly, imho, this commonsense has been lacking... builders who stubbornly refuse to learn how to fight and this really is a "WARGAME" and warriors who stubbornly refuse to take other players' style and experience into account and take cities until the other player gives up and quits.

And an evaluation on my part - most players don't really know how to fight, how the combat system works or how to effectively be part of an alliance. Y'all need to figure out how to work on that without just pounding someone and telling them "learn from your mistakes and become a warrior." :confused: Realistically, most people, when confronted with this approach will just quit.

When people quit - it hurts all of us and it hurts the game.

Regards JR - Game Moderator

JackKetch 03-20-2018 07:29 PM

Hope I have this right - you don't mind us responding to your comments, as long as we don't rant...

I think you summarise the different styles of play pretty well, although I am not sure which category I am in - not that it matters. And I do see your point about the conflict between "builders" and "warriors". Having done both, it is apparent to me that a good builder can easily put themselves in a position where they can win the game provided they avoid getting attacked by several players at once - it is also difficult to win the game as a warrior unless you are prepared to take the flak for attacking others and taking large numbers of cities. Consequently, it is not going to be in the interests of "warriors" to hold back and let the "builder" win the game.

I suppose my only conclusion would be that it will not be easy to find a solution to the loss of players as a result of being attacked - any changes or recommendations to etiquette are going to disadvantage someones style of play.

Now what of the other (primary) reason for people leaving the game? Is there any way that the early stages of the game could be sped up? A larger pot of gold to start with, or a longer period before assets such as Foreman require payment. With video for gold not working, hardly surprising that player numbers are down. Or is that for a separate thread?


JRRayder 03-20-2018 08:18 PM

Greetings Jack/DBC

Well, since there is no other thread yet in Musings AND it is relevant to the player longevity... I guess your post is in the right spot :)

Funny thing is about the speed-up of the early stages of the game is that it only favors those who are playing absolutely all the time. And that is less than 3 players out of 10. A fair number of players hang around because they can still build respectably and only be on some of the day. Another factor is the limited number of city slots that exist to be taken. IF we had 200 players each taking 60 cities all in a rush the game world would be out of new places for new players to start. That would have a extremely negative impact on new players sticking around :)

So again, no really easy answer for this issue either.

I am personally in favor of the game owner suing the pants off both our present and past advertiser for gold-for-videos and getting that impasse solved but it seems it is not something he is eager to do. Anyhow, a reminder too - my musings are mine alone and do NOT represent the views in all cases of the game owner or game manager :)

Regards JR - Game Moderator

Terrybut 04-23-2021 04:14 PM

In it something is. Now all is clear, thanks for an explanation.

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