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Helmsman 10-17-2015 04:27 AM

Sad News
This goes to any old timers who remember Dragoness. Sad to say she is losing a battle with Cancer she has fought for many years. Those who do remember may recall she would quit or disappear for long periods.. well, that was really the reason. She was a great player and a very good friend in this and many other games. I hope there are still some about that remember her and will drink a toast and say a prayer to your respective gods for her. Any who want to talk to me can find me these days on Illyriad where I'm under the same helmsman nick. Blessed be to all.

smithy7365 10-17-2015 07:05 AM

I am very sad to hear this Helmsman, Dragoness was a kind and sweet lady who was always nice to me whenever we chatted. I hope that if and when she does go, it will be without a lot of suffering, I will try to look for you on the game you mentioned, so I can say hello.

Hope to catch you here, from time to time.


JibberJabba 10-17-2015 10:50 PM

Our prayers are with her right now, i knew her from they day she started, i taught her some tricks, and she certainly taught me some lol, i will pray for her, and drink a healthy quaff of ale to her



DeepBlueC 10-17-2015 10:50 PM

This is very sad. I knew Dragoness from the Pirate Game (PQ) and when I came here she met me like a long lost friend. I love her sense of humour.

Ssgtdad 10-17-2015 10:58 PM

Though i did not have the pleasure of knowing her my prayers are offered in this part of her battle, My condolences and respect to all that knew her and had the honor of being part of her life.


JRRayder 10-19-2015 02:34 PM

Like wise I extend my condolences! DW aka FD is a special person and the world (and the game) will be lesser places for losing her!

Regards JR

smithy7365 10-21-2015 11:06 PM

Remembering Dragoness
Last evening, we lost one of the great long time former players on here, Dragoness

She finally lost her years long battle with cancer, for those of you who knew her please feel free to post your memories of her and this will serve as our memorial to this wonderful and kind person. I had the pleasure of knowing her through this game for just over two years.

I know some of you, knew her from other games a lot longer.

RIP Dragoness

JRRayder 10-22-2015 12:05 AM

Too Many Memories
DW aka FireDragoness' passing leaves a missing spot in the game and in our lives.

I have too many memories to do any of them justice but I will share two that in so many ways defined who DW was...

Her mother was fairly close to her and she relished the day, after her last bought with cancer a year ago, when she was able to take her mother out for her birthday. She was like that, even when situations had her down, she would always take a moment for others!

And of course, she was legendary for her ability to kill heirs whilst trying to crown them! ;)

She would get mad at the heir, she would get furious with all of us from time to time and rage quit and she couldn't stand trolls. She would come back a week later, start from scratch and run her way back up the leaderboard. But she would always come back... until this time :(

DW - you will be missed! But somehow I doubt she would want us to be sad. She would much rather I am sure that we all lift a glass of our favorite beverage and remember her and smile. I know I will... it won't be much of a smile today but it will get stronger :) in the days to come.

Regards JR

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