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smithy7365 01-19-2016 02:20 AM

Musician Passing
Hello there, folks. For those of you who know, Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away at the age of 67, early on Monday.

He was the co-founder of the Eagles, along with Don Henley. He was a powerful force in music and will sorely be missed. He originally formed the group as backup musicians to Linda Rondstadt.

If any you care to post your condolences about him, feel free to do so

smithy7365 09-26-2016 06:55 AM

Sports Figures Passing
Hi there folks, as I am sure you are aware, today we lost two sports figures.

One of them, was Miami Marlins pitcher, Jose Fernandez. He was killed in a boating accident along with two others, early Sunday local time. He was just 24 years old.

He had defected from Cuba, at age 15 along with his mother and sister. This was after he failed several times and went to prison for it. He was taken away from us, way too soon.

The other sports figure, we lost today was golfing legend, Arnold Palmer. He had a long and distinguished golfing career. He was 87 years old. So, he lived a long and productive life.

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