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Marianne 09-24-2019 03:14 PM

One Final Hurrah
Here's a plan... everyone challenge everyone else to war; everyone accepts; we have a few weeks of carnage ! :D

I'm up for it.

Kalypso 09-24-2019 06:33 PM

I'm always down for being slaughtered! :D

Jade4720 10-13-2019 07:17 AM

Onefinal hurrah
wish I had seen your post earlier for all accepting war. that is what game should be about!

smithy7365 11-10-2019 04:24 PM

Game Status
It has now been just over a month since the last world ended and there is no idea about when and if the new world will start. Not knowing, is like Chinese water torture and what this does is also drive any potential players away . It would be nice if the new world can be started before Thanksgiving for christ sake.

LordDarcon 11-12-2019 02:00 PM

Tomorrow is one month since the end of Word 12. No word from JR on what has been happening. Is the owner going to continue the game or take it down. Has the owner tried another Dev to see if the other one sabatoged the game to make money off of it or even to see if the game could be fixed. I know I would have after four months of game play and nothing being fixed and now another month.

Since the Dev is not talking to JR it seems quite evident that he has had something to do with the game being messed up.

If the game does come back, it needs to be the old way and let people understand that it is a war game and they will be attacked and need to learn to defend themselves. I hope I am wrong about the game being totally dead, but I have a feeling that it will not be back.

smithy7365 11-13-2019 03:21 PM

Game Status
You are right LD, it has now been one month since the end of the last world and there is no idea about if and when if this game will ever restart. I would like to know like you about the status of this game. There are multiple issues regarding this game, that need to be fixed. I have a feeling like you that this game, will finally be buried on the rubbish heap of history.

ixthlegion 11-16-2019 08:54 PM

I hope we can get final hurrah to play here.
A game of the past players to mix it up with
Arrows swords shields and lances and
Pillage castles.


smithy7365 11-16-2019 11:49 PM

The Finale
Yes, Ken it would be nice if there was at least one more server for us to have so all the former players could come back and have a battle for the ages. Hope the new server would start sometime around Thanksgiving perhaps

smithy7365 11-24-2019 04:40 PM

Status of Game
It has now been nearly a month and a half, since the last server ended and their is no clue about when or if the game will ever come back. If the moderators do not know, then that is generally a sign that this game is finished. This game had a good run for ten years, but like all games it has to come to an end. The last eighteen months of this game, was not a good stretch. Players left in droves, and there were so many issues with this game, it is hard to keep track to them. That is why players left, because of the problems. If you want to have a thriving game, then when problems arise they need to be taken care of immediately and not just put off. I had played this game for just over six years and made some wonderful friendships with people. Fortunately I will be able to continue some of them.

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