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Originally Posted by JRRayder View Post
Greetings Jack,

So I have checked out each one of the bug reports you have listed. The ones I haven't confirmed I was going to ask you about... but the rest of them are marked as "Accepted" and will be reviewed by the dev when he gets back to work on Monday.

IF you feel the need to post a "list" go ahead but I can't be much help unless the bug has actually been submitted through the bug reporting system. In Jack's case, he has posted all of them on the bug system - thank you!

Regards JR - Game Moderator
Exactly my point JR. This is not meant as a list of bugs for you, but a system to make us aware of issues that others are having AND HAVE SUBMITTED- so that we are aware of what has and has not been reported. Often I fear that things go un-reported because we assume that someone else has done so.

So to be absolutely clear - This is not instead of the reporting process, it is for sharing between the rest of us what has been reported.
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