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Lightbulb Chat Issues - Fall of 2018

It is my opinion the the game owner or Dev as you like yo call him is slightly incompetent, or just does not care. Step one would be having a WORKING chat. This issue has gone on for years and to me should be a simple fix. There have been persistent issues for years.. Like moving troops from reserves to your 'army' I have to refresh ten times a day to make these things happen. I understand most of these actions require a MySQL database query, and at times there will be issues between the server and the database. That process seems to work well for the most part. They are 'glitches' I can deal with. The fact that the Dev or game owner can't seem to fix the damn chat issue is the main reason players are leaving IMO. Start with the simple things first. I could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is this post will lead to no improvements. It's seems the Dev or game owner is happy with the small amount he gets and does not feel any need to make the game better. This used to be a fun game when we had more then 20 active players. In closing I doubt the Dev developed this game. I assume he bought the rights. Otherwise he could fix the simple issues that have been messed up for years. In closing. I mean no disrespect to anyone. If they can't fix chat soon, I'm done with this game. Sadly chat is one of the main reasons I'm still here, well that and I was lucky enough to get un-banned..
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