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Default Grrrr

Well things have been better as far as 'someone' restarting chat. It still crashes 3 times a day. How hard is this to fix? It's a chat box. The server has to be spitting out an error log. It's good that the Dev is paying attention now and is restarting 'something' sooner. Wouldn't it be better just to fix the damn issue? It's been an issue for YEARS.. Maybe take the 400 band-aids off and start fresh. Once again it's just a chat window.

It's more then what Ixy had for supper. I like to know who's online and when.

If there was a big war or mass planting of wheat tonight, we would have no way to communicate this information.

I'm not trying to be an azzhole. I thank you all for letting be back. If you wonder why the server is dead... This might be a reason.

If the buy some gold option crashed five times a day. I bet that would be fixed ASAP.

I'm close to walking away and disputing every paypal transaction I have made this world.
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