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Greetings All,

So something I was unaware of... there is a non-use timeout in the chat. When the dev swapped out the flash chat window and replaced it with an html version (so people on phones could use chat)... there is a session timeout that will stop chat after around 2-3 hours. The solution is to Ctrl F5 and chat should come back.

I believe some of the outages that you are having Stetson may be the session timeout.

And there is still an issue with chat itself freezing but the game dev has that mostly nailed down and fixed. The remaining known cause has to do with server resources allocated to the chat. There is apparently some sort of session or "per-seat" leakage that cause chat to run out of space on the server to run and so it crashes. These type of "bugs" are system related and are more difficult to run down.

Anyhow - progress is being made. The tradeover from flash to html base solved a bunch of problems and made the game mobile playable. Now it is just a matter of swatting the remaining bugs.

Hope this helps.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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