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Default Game Updates 6/16/2012

Hello Players,

This announcement is to explain some of the updates we have made to the game over the last couple days.

1. We have added new artwork to the Academy for the options to increase Influence. If you don't see the artwork right away you should hard refresh a few times. We also made some other subtle changes and added new progress bar to help polish the Academy screen.

2. Knighting Ceremony will always only cost 500 Battle Points from now on. Previously the requirement used to double every time you used Knighting Ceremony. This should make collecting Influence Points faster for everyone so you can progress faster in the game.

3. The Academy will now show how many cities you have captured out of how many you are able to capture. Look for this information under the "Cities taken" text. This should help players know which of their cities they can launch attacks from to capture new cities.

4. We took out the ajax loading icon for those using browsers other than Mozilla Firefox. This should help the game perform a little better for those who are using browsers like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

5. We rewrote the descriptions for Influence Points and Battle Points in the Academy screen to help better explain how the Influence system works.

Please let us know if you are having any issues. We are working on some more bug fixes and exciting upgrades for the game.

Have a nice weekend.

- DAW Team
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