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Hope I have this right - you don't mind us responding to your comments, as long as we don't rant...

I think you summarise the different styles of play pretty well, although I am not sure which category I am in - not that it matters. And I do see your point about the conflict between "builders" and "warriors". Having done both, it is apparent to me that a good builder can easily put themselves in a position where they can win the game provided they avoid getting attacked by several players at once - it is also difficult to win the game as a warrior unless you are prepared to take the flak for attacking others and taking large numbers of cities. Consequently, it is not going to be in the interests of "warriors" to hold back and let the "builder" win the game.

I suppose my only conclusion would be that it will not be easy to find a solution to the loss of players as a result of being attacked - any changes or recommendations to etiquette are going to disadvantage someones style of play.

Now what of the other (primary) reason for people leaving the game? Is there any way that the early stages of the game could be sped up? A larger pot of gold to start with, or a longer period before assets such as Foreman require payment. With video for gold not working, hardly surprising that player numbers are down. Or is that for a separate thread?

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