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Greetings Jack/DBC

Well, since there is no other thread yet in Musings AND it is relevant to the player longevity... I guess your post is in the right spot

Funny thing is about the speed-up of the early stages of the game is that it only favors those who are playing absolutely all the time. And that is less than 3 players out of 10. A fair number of players hang around because they can still build respectably and only be on some of the day. Another factor is the limited number of city slots that exist to be taken. IF we had 200 players each taking 60 cities all in a rush the game world would be out of new places for new players to start. That would have a extremely negative impact on new players sticking around

So again, no really easy answer for this issue either.

I am personally in favor of the game owner suing the pants off both our present and past advertiser for gold-for-videos and getting that impasse solved but it seems it is not something he is eager to do. Anyhow, a reminder too - my musings are mine alone and do NOT represent the views in all cases of the game owner or game manager

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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