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Originally Posted by smithy7365 View Post
Will one of the moderators give me a freaking update about the situation, it has now been close to five or six months since the last server ended and their is no end in sight for crying out loud. This is beyond stupidity, it is bordering on utter incompetence in my opinion.

I would like an answer within a week at least
Smithy, I am SO sorry you've been inconvenienced by the game being down and no word on when it will start again, or even if it will. JR and I would love nothing more than to give you an answer. Sadly, we CAN'T give you what WE DON'T HAVE.

My further apologies for this being a "late" response. I can't speak for JR, but... The past few months, my mother was in and out of the hospital and nursing home. Sadly, she passed away April 26th (this past Sunday), here at home with Hospice care, while my poor father has been in rehab for a fractured hip. So, yeah, sorry, but my family has taken precedence over this game.

As stated numerous times in the past by both JR and myself, WHEN we know something, we WILL tell you. Until then, assume no news means WE DON'T know.

Cheers and Hopes That you Are Well During This Pandemic,
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