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Originally Posted by firefly447 View Post
Hey Kaly, sorry to hear about your mom, hope your dad is doing better
Originally Posted by ixthlegion View Post
Hello Kaly. Sorry about your hearing about your mom pass
Ing. I do hope your Dad is better from his surgery .
All the best wishes to rest of your family during the pandemic
Thank you so much, my friends. I also apologize for coming off as snippy in my last reply. I've been stressed and emotional.

That said, Dad and I are doing much better. Good days and bad ones, as expected. Dad is doing really well. Fortunately, he did not require surgery on his hip. It was a hairline fracture of his upper left hip. LOTS of physical and occupational therapy, though. He's walking mostly with a walker, but is getting better with using his cane, too. We are hoping he's healed enough by the end of summer to drive up to NY to see family.

I hope you guys are doing well, too. Especially with this pandemic going on. PLEASE be safe, y'all. If this game comes back online, I want y'all to be healthy and participating!

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