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Wink Too Many Memories

DW aka FireDragoness' passing leaves a missing spot in the game and in our lives.

I have too many memories to do any of them justice but I will share two that in so many ways defined who DW was...

Her mother was fairly close to her and she relished the day, after her last bought with cancer a year ago, when she was able to take her mother out for her birthday. She was like that, even when situations had her down, she would always take a moment for others!

And of course, she was legendary for her ability to kill heirs whilst trying to crown them!

She would get mad at the heir, she would get furious with all of us from time to time and rage quit and she couldn't stand trolls. She would come back a week later, start from scratch and run her way back up the leaderboard. But she would always come back... until this time

DW - you will be missed! But somehow I doubt she would want us to be sad. She would much rather I am sure that we all lift a glass of our favorite beverage and remember her and smile. I know I will... it won't be much of a smile today but it will get stronger in the days to come.

Regards JR
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