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Default Why Bother

Even though I have complained and complained, about several matters on here, they rarely are taken care of in a satisfactory manner. Either, they are delayed and delayed to the point where the problem is not taken care of or its hoped the problem will work itself out.

This is no way to run a game, in order to keep a game going, problems with it need to be taken care of quickly and not left to fester. I know that the moderators who read this, might just write this off as someone griping and moaning about something they have no control over. When I began playing this game, nearly four years ago now, problems were quickly taken care of and not left to fester and get worse and worse. This may be why new players are hard to keep. They encounter issues and get frustrated and just leave and then tell anyone they know, to never, never play this game and that only makes things worse.

I have my doubts that this post, will make any headway but I had to at least write it, in order to bring some of these problems to light
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