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Default Survival of The Game

I hope that this game will survive, but I have my doubts sadly. This game has had a good run, however like all games it must come to an end. I have a feeling that this world may be the last world ever in this game. There are too many problems, to list. For a game to work reliably it needs to have its core issues fixed.

People have raised numerous issues, during my tenure in this game. In the past they were generally fixed in a timely manner. That can not be said, in the last eighteen months however. The issues that were raised during this time period, were either dismissed or took too long to get resolved. It is a small wonder that this game, has trouble retaining players or recruiting new ones to keep it going. I have had a wonderful time in this game during my just over six years and have met, many wonderful people. Some of them I hope to keep in touch with when and if this game ends up on the rubbish heap of history
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