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Lightbulb Smack Talk

Greetings Lords and Ladies of DAWland

Time for another moderator musing post. This time on a seasonally popular topic of smack talk in chat. Plus, there has been some confusion about what constitutes "over the line" comments and behavior.

So right off the bat... you cannot violate any of the game rules when smack talking an opponent... no cussing, no swearing, no innuendo... etc. Just so this is very clear - your in-game persona had better have a U.S. PG-13 vocabulary. There are no gray areas with this at all. The other is threat of harm. There is no gray with this and you will just get permanently banned from the game.

So we are also a bit of a family in-game - for sure a slightly dysfunctional and despotic family but a bit of a family none-the-less. We tend to share more in public chat sometimes than we ought and people learn things about us we probably wouldn't just share with a stranger on a park bench. Net result is, we learn real-life facts about each other that we can easily turn into a part of our smack talk.

Some of that is harmless enough - like the fact people know I like 60's and 70's music and that I get teased about being an old man. Doesn't bother me and is indeed harmless. Other things become a lot more gray - medical issues, social issues, relationship status issues, and the list goes on forever unfortunately... and the key becomes - does it push someone's buttons.

Kaly and I have always concluded that if someone continues to push someone else's buttons to the point where they commit a ban-able offense (usually language related) we just on principle ban both parties. How do you "know" you are pushing someone else's buttons - generally the response is the key and the most clear response is a request to stop pushing that button. Pay attention to it and honor it.

This is NOT meant to take away from the fun of smack talk nor is it some sort of censorship... it is just my best attempt to give guidelines to a gray area that raises its head from time to time and results in undue hurt and a lot of angst and drama in chat. And even with that angst and drama are OK but it is the hurt part that is totally unnecessary.

And if things are really out of hand and you find yourself just hating someone else - i pity you - but close your mouth, build your troops and go take care of it on the field of battle. No comment is necessary once you have won.

Warmest Regards - JR - Game Moderator
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