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Default Community Manager

We are looking for a community manager. The ideal candidate is a player who spends a great amount of time on the game and likes helping others.

Tasks will include:
- posting news in the forums and releasing announcements in game
- helping select and manage game moderators who can moderate the game worlds
- test any bug reports and respond to the player reports
- communicate the most critical bugs to the dev team and help roll out the updates and fixes by testing them and confirming they are now fixed properly
- running player competitions
- help encourage game play by answering questions and keeping the community discussions going

As a community manager you will get to work one on one with the dev team, get access to upcoming content, play a bigger roll in the game, help others and overall be in charge of the community.

To qualify:
- you must speak English
- you must have good written and oral skills
- you must be at least 16 years old
- you must be available frequently during the day, the more time you spend on Dark Age Wars, the better
- you must live in the North America, South America, or Europe
- you must be willing to be a team player

After applying we will send a confirmation that we received your application. We will pick who we think is the best candidate. There are no guarantees that anyone will be picked right away.

To apply please send a PM to Barbosa with the following information:

Real name:
Skype, msn or AIM:
How long you have played Dark Age Wars:

What are your favorite features about the game?
What would you improve?
Why do you want to be community manager?
What can you do to help improve the overall community?

What is your favorite color?
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Thanks Barbosa!

I believe however the job has already been taken
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