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Default Game Problems

Now general chat is not working at the moment. The problems with this game, keep on piling up and something needs to be done about this or people will begin leaving this game in droves if they haven't already. I like this game, but the problems are beginning to annoy me a whole lot. I would like someone else to post something similar, so the twits who are running this game will think that I am not the only one who is complaining about this.
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The current state of the game is frustrating, I really do enjoy this game and have been here for some time( nearly two years) and this is the worst it has been. I have a bug report pending since May 11th, 2014 regarding account funds, game items broken for days, game won like two months ago (or more) and yet we hear nothing of any "announcement". We have been abandoned. If it was not for the great friendships I have developed here, I most certainly would have left.

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can i be your friend charles?
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It seems that all the admin people, the ones that own this game, want is the money they get for the advertizements or if people buy gold. People viewing the advertizements for gold lets them earn money from those doing the advertizements. How much, who knows, but it pays their bills probably. The more people that view them the more money they get. As long as they are getting that, it seems they don't care about the game. They know that more people will join and the newbies will view the advertizements for gold and it will keep them going. If everyone would stop watching those advertizements, buying gold and perhaps only checking in here and there on the game they might get the message. When they begin to lose money, not get paid, they will want to know why and perhaps come and ask. However I doubt that the players here would all do this. Not many of them even come to the forum to read the posts or anything.
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