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Lightbulb Play Balance Issues

Reduce length of worlds or cap the amount of cities a player can hold. This will address some concerns that a select few players will always dominate and force more alliance cooperation.

Posted on behalf of RedViper
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Thumbs up fair play and better gamr

I agree since food is capped 7K why not also cap te number of cities a player
can hold?

In the interests of the game - worlds should be 3-4 months long,

You will find it a more competitive game

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Default Agree

I agree that the worlds should be reduce to 4 month (3 games a year). some (like me) have been adhering to the notion of a 4 to 5 month build period and then go Armageddon the last month. A couple of points to this effect, one give people time to build and new players (or returning) don't get blasted to early and simply quite. In the last month, if you do lose during the final conflict, no worries a new game starts soon. a short world time will one, players won't be so large as they have less time to build, 2nd, more action as the final month is sooner. More restart times, which really helps the new players learning. Now, people don't have to stick to the armageddon plan which was adopted under the table by a few game vets, but still has merit.

my two cents...

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length of world, maximum cities

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