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Question Funny Ha! Ha!

The walls MUST have ears. I was belly-aching to my alliance mates that some of the "normal", and I use that term loosly, rebel camps appeared to stock heirs in their armies. And the only place I'd seen that is in the old superfortresses. Well don't you know my very next battle report contained the fact that the reb army I had been very sporatically battling with turned into a 700+ force with a CROWNED heir and 99% Royal Cavalry.
Programmers/Admin practical joke or a serious code bug with fangs?
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Just attacked a 300 man force with 240 RC and an heir and 2 hours later lost all due to a regeneration of 400 more troops.Is this game for real? or they hoping some idiot spend a few bucks and they get paid for a dead game?
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Thumbs down

lol there is lots of bugs though
All is fair in live and war
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