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Default New Idea ( WE HATE THIS )

Hi Admin

One thing that gets up all Players nose and makes the red mist rise.......

1 city players attacking from behind protection ( Capitals )

If a player attacks another player from his capital and only has 1 city, Then he should not be allowed to have protection. We should be able to hit back.

So remove protection for 5 days ( Ok we cant take his city )
so that we can return his kind actions with some of our own.

Lessons for him also if would be cool if with each attack the buildings actually loose levels, As attacking from protected Capitals is cowardly and deems a swift painful responce.

just my thought on this and id say many more will add to it.

Cheers Beer
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Default Agreeing

Aye i agree as well. It make the game be more fun if you could fight back instead of just siting there.
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Exclamation Read my feature requests

OH MY GOSH!!!! Read and comment on my feature request. It's a good way to fix this problem! It is called Attack when Attacked. I need help spreading the word about it!
-Together we can make this dream come true!
Your most honorable Brack
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