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Default Loot Army

Does anyone have a best constructed Loot army? I'm curious if there is a way to optimize loot parties.
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not interested
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there is but everybody is dieing to get it.i got it from a guy who has played this forever.

the amazing used too be banned Kaiser Randall

i think it is but tomorrow may rain so i will go
yes this Kaiser was banned
all because
"I'm a writer, not a fighter" (hehe a song )

i know i know i just want that feel good feeling
is there a doctor in the house??? wait no doctor !!! well looks like nothing is going to get better for me.
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there is an easy way but its best if you figure it out on your own
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only use militia all the troops you need are in the militia
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Thnx p but why so litte resoarces?
Semper Fi
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yea the militia are always the best you can kill anything or anyone with them
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Three ways to farm rebels:

For the Lazy: Send 8 Light Cavalry - you will win but lose the occasional unit or three. Experience on Cavalry will go up quite fast

For the Smart and Lazy: Send 4 Spear, 4 Infantry, 4 Archer, 5 Cavalry - you will win but lose occasional units but will also gain experience rather slowly.

For the Smart and OCD: send a unit of militia, if they dont die instantly recall them and retrain them. Either way you will get a list of enemy units. Send rock paper equivalent to kill them. Add 1-2 units over what they have in case they are stronger. ie. rebel army has 2 cav, 3 militia, 1 sword ... for safety send 4 spear, 3 sword, 2 archer. spear attacks first and wacks cav, sword attacks second and wacks militia spearman, archers pincushion swordsman.

Ive been experimenting with separating armies by 30 seconds, then 1 minute but thats still ongoing. I'm a noob here. I hope there's more than simple rock paper scissors going on here the same as some other games that factor in troop movement speed but not sure .. yet.
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