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Default Calculating forces

I had a soldier, how do you calculate his damage.

One Templar knight unit have hp:10 and damage: 40
One Foot knight unit hp:6 and damage: 24

This units are strong against pikermens wright! but with unit is best if you compare it against cost of production and maintenance. example:

1 templar cost 40 iron and 1 footknight cost 24 iron. the damage/cost ratio for the first is 1 and for the second 1.042, The question is: the templars have 20 soldiers per unit and the footknight 25 is this an issue. total damage of templar 20 X 40=800 and for the footknight 25 X 24=600. Is this is so, is best to have templars i guess.

Total HP 25 X 6= 150 for the foot unit and 20 X 10=200 for the templars, the templars are more resistant in combat. again it will be better to have templars.

What you think guys?
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