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Default Videos-for-Gold

I noticed the videos for gold link available about 4 evenings ago. I watched some 5 (or so) videos and got some gold. Then it said that I had watched my 4 videos for the day (which I didn't know there was a limit prior to that moment, yet I was "able" to watch more... obviously). Now the icon hasn't been back. Did I offend the game? :-) Will the icon ever come back or have I inadvertently pissed-off the powers-that-be? Dunno.
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Default hmm

not sure i watched about 30 videos once and then it said "you have watched your 3 videos for the day" then the next day it let me watch another huge amount beforing saying I hit the 3 video limit.
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The number and content of the videos is out of Pixabit's control. It is controlled by the individual video partners.
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