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Default Holiday Break

Hi All

Question can a holiday break be added to the system, most games have an option you buy that will freeze your game when a holiday comes up. So you dont come back to nothing. You buy a holiday pass that waits till you come back, Can we do something like that here as doing all this build will really suk if i come back to nothing.

Cheers Beer
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Default vacation time

I agree with you Beertime. In grepolis there is vacation time. It activates 48 hrs after you send message re vacation activation. There are a set number of days in year for vacation mode and it is only if you want more than the allocated number that you have to pay, so if it is not on here then it makes sense that the moderators should consider it.
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I didd not know that when you diddn't play the game it erased your account!
Your most honorable Brack
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